Travel Nurses

Travel nurses can recieve reimbursements
or take advantage of write offs for
so many business expenses:

  • Housing and meals
  • Mileage for travel to and from your hospital
  • Car rental and fuel charges
  • Mobile phone and internet bills
  • Continuing education
  • Uniforms
  • State licensing fees
  • Required medical exams

And so much more...

But nurses and their employers need to keep
the right records

  • Dates and amounts
  • Reciepts
  • Business purposes
  • Locations or destinations
  • Odometer readings
  • Descriptions or merchant names

Clarcity's web and mobile apps give nurses the
right tools to track your business expenses

  • Takes photos of reciepts with the Clarcity
    mobile app
  • Add credit card transactions to expense
    reports with one click
  • Use your phone's GPS and the Clarcity
    app to record driving destinations and
    calculate mileage
  • See all of your business expenses in
    one report
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